My name is Alina Ciocarlie and I'm a Bucharest-based art director with a passion for gaming. I specialize in UI/UX design but I also enjoy dabbling in illustration and matte painting. 
Even though I graduated as a movie director, I spent the last decade among pixels. They are my actors, just like the canvas is my camera. I’ve always thought good graphic design is like directing a movie. It needs a powerful message, an intriguing mise-en-scene, a touch of humor and an ounce of special effects. 
From newsletters to mobile apps to corporate websites, from icon design to branding  and concept art - I always push myself to try a little bit harder, to go a little bit further, to tell the “story” in the most appropriate way. In the end, it’s only natural - as a citizen of the Internet, all I am trying to do is make my “home” a more beautiful place... for your viewing pleasure, of course :)

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